So yeah, I’ve been busy these past couple of months. It seems just like yesterday it was January. I’m sorry to my followers that I didn’t say Happy New Year. So there you go.

Holy crap, slow down time. Here it is already the 10th of March and a lot of things have gone down since I last wrote. Where do I even start. Well I think you might want to stick around and read this one.

Freelancing has been going pretty well with the exception of a few bad things that have happened. I’ve honestly looked at all the opportunities online and I can tell you that Elance has been the best option for finding decent work and getting decent jobs. If anyone knows me, I’m against the low slave wages that most clients offer for writing on Elance. Which brings me to an incident that happened in January. A client offered me an hourly wage of $480 a week to write articles. I didn’t have to produce an ungodly amount of words either. The client also told me that the work would be ongoing. Well this is great I thought. The client wanted 10,000 words per week. Hey that’s not really bad for the amount they were paying. So I took the job. This was my first mistake. The client had no intention of paying me, but instead took my work and vanished from Elance. Here is where things got tricky though. The client asked me to wait a week before I logged any time so that the ‘books’ wouldn’t be off. But the real reason was so that the client wouldn’t have to pay. I’m a nice guy and I’m easy to work with. So I agreed. Second mistake. However, I did use the Elance Tracker software and I was paid for a few hours of the 25+ hours I worked. Not all was a total loss. Now the reason I am telling you this is because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did. So here is my list of things to DO and NEVER do on Elance.

  • Never ever do work for free – Well this seems logical, but if a client is asking you to not log hours, you tell them that you aren’t working until you are able to log hours.
  • ALWAYS put your work into the workroom on Elance – You are doing this as proof of the work you have done. If they want their work emailed to them, fine, email them the work but also show Elance that you have delivered as well. Let your client know that they can get their work from either source.
  • Always use the Elance Tracker – I don’t like the Elance Tracker because it screenshots every 5 minutes or so and distracts me showing me notifications etc. But what this tool does it verifies and GUARANTEES your hourly jobs you do on Elance. You better do it. It is how I got paid for a client who skipped out. Be careful though. If you’ve not been paid after a week by the client, stop work until you have been paid. Elance only pays up to a certain amount to protect you. I was told $2500 for a week maximum. But after that its all on you.
  • To Skype or not to Skype – Some clients are always asking me to get on Skype and do everything from there. And while it is more convenient for the client, its a place that is OUT of the workroom on Elance. Anything goes in Skype including a client that threatened to leave me bad feedback if I didn’t complete her job for her. Yeah this was the same one that had no intention to pay. Use Elance workroom and keep all conversations and transactions and files in here. You need proof to show Elance in case something goes wrong. If your client insists on using Skype, then just make sure to keep the important stuff in the Elance workroom.

These are the things I find most important when dealing with clients because I have had a bad experience. I won’t let myself have anymore bad experiences because of this. Another thing I want to mention is that there are people out there that do not care about you at all. They want to get paid $1000’s of dollars and then pass the work off into someone else and pay $5 for an article. This is bullshit. Stay away from these kinds of people. I have seen many jobs online where a smart client is paying $25 per article. Just even today I submitted a proposal to a decent client that KNOWS that great content and great articles are going to have to be properly compensated. These kinds of clients draw people like me. Like minded, professional, and offers quality writing. Not some $5 gibberish from the Philippines. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve got nothing against India or the Philippines. But if you are willing to pay $5 then you are going to get a $5 article. And I’ve pressed clients to come read my blog. My readers know how I get when I get on this subject. It turns into a full-blown rant and I’ve got to find the shut-off valve before I explode. Nothing is more frustrating. So I’ve hammered that into your heads. If you’re a good writer, then charge good money for what you produce.

I’ve also decided that I need to spend a lot more time here writing some things. So, I’ve got some topics I’m going to touch on here soon. I’m thinking about doing a case study of all these different freelance companies like Elance and showing you the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

I’m also wanting to touch on different writing styles like sales copy, article writing, and technical writing so that I can help you find your niche. Some people love to write about electronic gadgets, and some like to write about losing weight. You might be like me and can write on any topic. But just as me, you will have one area of expertise that is going to make you the authority on what you write. This can make you a lot more money per article than you know. Some clients are looking for experts in a certain field and if you can show them that you are the expert, you can make decent money.

So I think that is all for now. I got through this one with little profanity and my blood-pressure is still normal 🙂

Until next time girls and boys, I wish you much success this year!


So as most of you have probably guessed, I’m a writer of sorts. Not a lot of people can be a writer, and especially not a freelance writer. Of course there are different types of writers. You’ve got your SEO writers, your creative writers, your proofreaders….well I can go on and list a lot of different niches when it comes to writing. And as I previously mentioned, not everyone can be a writer. And it’s even more rare when a writer can take on the guise of many different topics or niches. Can you write an SEO article, and then turn around and ghost write a novel? Maybe. But the difference is the technical aspect of writing, and the creative aspect. Some people are really good at one or the other. I’ve had my hand in both and am writing some short e-book series that I hope to publish in the spring. I’ve also written web content on everything from lawyers, health and nutrition, plastic surgeons, and I’ve even written content related to a steel pipe company. Let me tell you how exciting it is to talk about scrap metal. OK, let’s save that for never.

I swear to you that I am trying to get to my point. It’s stuck somewhere in that speeding brain of mine that types a brisk 85wpm.

If you are a writer, then you need to look at your strengths and your weaknesses. You need to decide what types of things you like to write about. What do you have a passion for? If it’s being creative and telling stories (I’m a great story-teller) then doing some ghost writing for novels can pay pretty well. The hard part is landing those jobs. So if you have something you have written yourself as an example, then you will likely get better leads for those kinds of jobs. And how much should you get paid for something like this? Well that depends on the client of course. There are a ton of clients that will try to get their writing done for them as cheaply as possible. I always tell these people the same thing: ‘You want cheap results, go for cheap writing.’ Sometimes this puts some kind of fire under their butts and pisses them off, or they level with you and say ‘you know…you are right’. Small Novella…. I won’t take less than $500 cash to write something that can potentially make the client 10 or 15 times more. For some people it’s all about greed and for some, it’s honestly their budget. If so, make a deal on Elance or with some Escrow that you will write the novel and when it sells, the client can pay you the rest.

Let’s get to the articles stuff. Ugh. OK…if you have read my other posts about writing articles, and creating content for websites, then you understand I just totally despise this part of the freelance writing business. And if you have not read this, then I will tell you that writing 500 word articles for someone and getting paid $5 for it just plain sucks. I won’t do it anymore. I pleaded with the last guy I was a slave for; ‘give me at least $10 man’ and he wouldn’t do it. So he had to find another reliable writer after having a killer writer for over a year. If you are hand writing articles, doing all the research, and writing a decent article that doesn’t sound like it was written by Punjab from India (no offense dudes) then you should be asking $20 per 500 words. It’s the people that TAKE the jobs that ruin this article writing field for the rest of us. As Riddick says in one Chronicles of Riddick…’You made three mistakes, first; you took the job’. Yeah, well I say this now all the time I see some freelancer from Philippines offering $2-$5 for 500-700 words. Freelance writing is not some sweatshop clown show. You’re a professional….stop taking peanuts for quality work you provide.

I can hear you saying but but but. Look, there are no buts. Find what you are good at, create excellent examples you can show your clients, and charge them what you should. I do it. I stopped taking junk work, and now I am getting paid minimum $0.10 per word. Yeah you read that right. There ARE clients who are willing to pay for quality, well written work.

And in case you are wondering what I am doing, I’m currently in the niche of writing product descriptions. Yes, I write the magic words that get people to want to buy that shiny new thing they’ve wanted since last Xmas. And because I know what appeals to people, and how to make even the not so coolest product shine (trust me I have had to painfully write about a terrible product) I get paid very well for product descriptions. My usual fee is $350 min for 50 product descriptions of 70-150 words each. That’s 7500 words total max and well…you do the math on that one. I can write these in 2-3 days at my leisure and $350 for a few days easy work is not bad pay. I am also looking to get out of this niche too, but I am climbing the ladder and finally getting where I want to: Guest blogging. That is why I started this personal blog. My goal is to get to $3000 per month in guest blogging in 3 months and I am here to tell you it can be done. I’m watching mediocre writers make this kind of money now.

Is it all about money? Sort of…I mean ask yourself deep down inside…is it really about the money? Sure. But it’s also about what you are worth and how you are selling yourself short if you are getting paid $5 per 500 words. There are people out there that will take advantage of you…don’t let it happen. Put fear aside and tell yourself ‘someone will pay me what I am worth’. Don’t take some scrap job for $20 writing 10 articles. You’ll just keep repeating that and getting burned out. And secondly, and I think most importantly…it’s the freedom that being a freelancer affords you. I work where I want, and when I want. I just make sure to meet those deadlines.

By the way, it’s Christmas…so I wish everyone a happy one and a happy New Year in 2015. I know things are going to change drastically for me, for the better, and I hope they will change for the better for you as well.

Until next time….


When we learn things, we usually trust the sources that we learn from. When we were children and went to school, we trusted our science teacher who told us the Earth is 65 million years old and dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Why did we trust this? Because it was what was being taught, and we were too young to question such things. And I didn’t question it because I was just filled with amazement, and had every book on dinosaurs that my little backpack would carry. As we grow older, we start to question some of the things we are learning because we become smarter, and we usually know if someone is trying to sell us some cow-doody. When I first started learning about internet marketing, I was eating up everything I could find on the subject. I was so eager to learn and get out on my own, I found myself believing all the hype that surrounded internet marketing, and I thought I would be rich overnight. I will tell you one thing, some of those people back in 2005 did get rich overnight. They were in the right place at the right time. And those gurus, they got rich selling their information on how to get rich using the internet. Double win. But most of that information, I would say about 98% of it, no longer works in the internet of today. Nope, Google has locked down just about everything there is online. If you don’t do it their way, your cool shiny website will be sitting at the bottom of 9 million or so websites if you are lucky. So what does Google want you to do? Simple. They want you to provide the searcher with the very best content that you can offer. And what does good content have to do with anything? Well, everything, and nothing. I know, you look confused right now, but I will explain.

In the beginning there was content. And the way that the Google algorithm functioned was, if your website had a keyword on it, let’s say ‘weightloss’ *cringes* and you repeated that word several times over in an article, the more times it was showing on your website, the more likely your page would end up on the first page of search results. It was easy back then to get ranked for such things, and suddenly people start doing the ‘keyword stuffing’ thing. Two things happened with this awful invention. The internet started looking like a landfill, cluttered with all kinds of nonsense, and bad websites that only wanted to sell you something. The second thing is that Google realized that something had to be done. They changed their algorithm. Those keyword stuffed websites fell off the edge of the virtual world overnight. In fact, Google has been changing up their algorithms to stop so called ‘black-hat’ marketers from cutting corners, and doing things in some unconventional manner that strays away from providing killer content.

Back-linking was also another strategy that some of these internet marketers were doing the bad way. When I say ‘the bad way’, I mean when you use some tool to scrape a ton of websites with forums and places you can leave links, and spam the link to your website to those other websites and hope the link will stick. I know a lot of you are thinking ‘what’? But this is exactly what people were doing. There were even tools that costs hundreds of dollars that would link-build automatically. That stuff just does not work anymore. Maybe it does a little bit, but there is a big reason that it doesn’t work the way it used to. Now if you want a back-link to your website, you better make sure the site its posted on is relevant to your website or niche, because Google will always be creating some algorithm that is going to put these black-hat exploits out in the open. And these websites are going to take the plunge off page 1 in search to maybe 3 or even worse, 9th or 10th page in results. So why am I bringing all this up? Mainly to tell people who are reading this one thing: If you want to stay on top of the rankings with your websites, you better not cut corners, or do anything black-hat style. Google have smart people working for them. They have almost effectively put an end to the independent internet marketer because of such tactics.

So what makes a good website? Great content. Content that is so good that people will want to link to you. And those people are going to be linking to you because of relevancy. Great content, good relevancy, and getting back-links from websites that are sharing your content will push you in the ranks and should cement you. But you need to do it right. You need to do it right the first time, and if you are a client looking for a writer, you better hire one that knows what he is doing. It takes a lot more to create good search engine optimized content than doing a little ‘research’ and then firing up an article spinner. And just to be honest with you, article spinners are all garbage. I never use them and you shouldn’t either.

With all that said, I’d like to direct your attention to a new form of content creation that is called ‘The Skyscraper Technique‘. This method was created by Brian Dean, a successful internet marketer who knows what it takes to pull in massive traffic. One word of caution: This is not some easy technique and you will have to work hard to get the results you desire. But isn’t that true with anything in life? Nothing good comes easy or free unless you win the lottery, and I know a couple hungry sharks that will probably eat your foot before this happens. Jump over to Brains website Backlinko, and check out what I am talking about. And if you agree or disagree with anything I have said, please feel free to leave your comments below.


Hello to all my adoring one fan out there. Yes, I’ve written this blog post just for you. Actually, this post is for clients, and if you’ve found your way here, then I’m happy. If you are looking for someone to put some content on your site such as SEO Articles, then you’ve come to the right place to get some information on what you need to look for, and what you should expect to pay. First of all, you might want to know exactly who put me in charge here to write about such an ominous and serious topic. If anyone knows me, they know I’ve done some pretty awesome things online with internet marketing. No, I’m not a guru, I just know what works and what doesn’t. Listen, anyone can create a profile on Guru, or Elance, or…do I dare say it ‘Freelancer’. This same person who can easily create a profile can also see that there is a lot of need for Search Engine Optimized content and then they suddenly become an ‘experienced SEO content creator’. Listen again. Bullsh*t. I’m sorry to be so blunt and to be so raw, but this is the honest truth of what you are finding on these freelancer websites. I can easily say I’m a qualified brain surgeon, and I’m ready to operate on your grandmother, but I’m not.

The real truth is that it sometimes takes someone several months in order to get down the science of being able to write 100% unique content that is using the right keywords, right keyword density, and create somewhat remotely interesting content that is written in a tone that is aimed at your targeted audience. Sounds simple right? Wrong. Nothing that is a science or that is remotely connected to Google and their search engine algorithms is simple. Without going into how the ‘Six Demon Bag’ is actually created, and what’s in it, I will just tell you that no matter what you are doing as a website owner or operator, Google is going to give your website a nice push down the mountain one day. I’ve seen complete authority sites drop 2-3 pages in rankings overnight. Not only that, but a good writer, a GOOD writer, knows how to sell that product, that super shiny blue widget, that super cool service you offer that no one else does, and knows the psychology of modern day internet surfers, what they see, and how to get them to take action. Think about all that for a moment. That’s quite an art.

So finally after getting all that stuff out of the way, the main focus of this article was: What you should expect to pay an experience article writer. But I want you to know the cold hard truth: Your websites content is the foundation of which you build your reputation on. Please read that again, because there isn’t anything else I have said so far that is more important than this. With that being said, who are you going to hire to create your websites content?

I’ve done my research along with becoming a pretty decent copywriter, and I’ve had to know how much to charge my clients. I remember when I first started learning how to write SEO articles, I was getting paid the very lowly, and disrespectable amount of $1-$5 per 500 words. I can now hear the moans and groans of people reading this and thinking that is a fair wage to pay someone for SEO quality hand written articles. Nope. Sorry. Try again. This is a fair price to pay someone who has no grasp on the English language, no concept of Search Engine Optimization, who has no idea about keywords or keyword density, how to use those in H-tags or ‘HTML headline descriptions’ which are usually BOLDED, and who is likely going to use one of those fancy article spinners which can produce a 500 word article in a matter of minutes. And it’s probably going to read something like a Chinese restaurant menu translated into English. Clients and seekers of high quality content; this is what you are asking for when you offer to pay $1-$5 to someone for a 500-1000 word article. No one that is qualified to write killer, awesome, fantastic, and down right cutting-edge SEO articles will accept your offer.So what are you going to pay?

Most SEO companies that build websites and create SEO content, like the one I work part-time for, charge $100 for a single 600 word article. That’s right. Look around online and see how much true SEO content packages run. You’re looking at no less than $1000 for 10 pages of high quality, keyword researched, correct keyword density, keywords in H-tags, and readable quality content that effectively sells your product or service. Now I can imagine some people reading this and looking for torches and pitchforks and wanting to hunt me down. The truth is that people who are qualified to create such content are worth probably twice this amount.

The epidemic in which I talk about in my first post here is the problem of people calling themselves SEO content specialists, who have no such right, and taking jobs for mere pennies. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is the whole sum of spaghetti in their wallets. The work these self-proclaimed so called professionals produce can’t even be called sub-par. Now before you go off and say that I’m being mean to someone just trying to make a buck, I can tell you that I’ve been around the block a few times, and even seen people copy my personal profile pages with my same qualifications and sell them as their own. I don’t need to tell you that is not right, but the same thing is happening on freelance websites where people are getting desperate for money.

So how to end this 1000 words of commentary? I’ll try to sum things up. If you are a website owner, and you are putting together a website and want awesome content, then pay a professional for that content and pay them a fair price. You wouldn’t build your house on a pile of swamp mud, so why would you build your new website on some pile of muddy words? You wouldn’t do this. A good website has a strong foundation to build off of. A good SEO content structure of linking page to page with a killer ‘About Us’ and a great content page. You want someone that can reach right through the screen and take that potential buyer by the hand and cause them to take action. You’ve got just a few seconds to grab your visitors attention. And while there are a ton of things to consider that concern the psychology of internet surfers, I’m not going to go into that now but in a later post…oh jeez I’m going off the subject. So what else do you need? You need your website pages to interlink to each other. You need a good call to action at the top of each page and at the bottom. Well, I can actually just keep going on and on. Writing good quality SEO content is an art, a science, and something that should be left to a qualified professional.

So who are you going to trust?

The life of a freelance writer

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It’s funny how I started off this blog on a sour note. Yes, I was complaining about the way things are as a freelance writer, and the fact that we seem to be taken advantage of more and more these days. The influx of cheap, mechanically spun, and unreadable content is flooding the internet like an overflowing taffy machine. The cleanup is going to be brutal. And hey, that is why Google keeps changing their algorithms so much. And those people that post jobs for such little money don’t realize that they are part of the problem. But I digress…because I have to right now. The idea of this post wasn’t to come whining again. No ladies and gentlemen, it’s due time I put together some sort of testament to where I am and how I got started. So grab yourself a tea, or a beer, whatever suits you and enjoy the read. It’s actually pretty interesting if I say so myself.

It all started in 2005 when I had been online for a few years and was just learning about computers, internet, and all the cool things that started happening. At that time, Google had just launched Adwords which was a pay per click advertising system. Why was this so awesome? Well it meant at that time, that you could easily build some simple landing page with a product to sell, then post some ads with the keywords for that product, and if you bid enough for each click you would get, you would show up on the first page in Google search results. It was a time when had I known what I was doing, I could have made a lot of money. I remember telling my friend Joe that we were both going to have Porsche’s. Did I get my car? No. Did Joe get his car? Well yeah, a few years later he got a Volkswagen. My point is that we didn’t know what we were doing and we didn’t have a chance. I lost a few hundred bucks not knowing what I was doing wrong. And those online guru’s who were selling all those cool ‘get rich overnight’ schemes got, well…rich overnight and left people including myself with nothing but spaghetti in our wallets. I learned things the hard way. I lost money the hard way. It wasn’t cool at all. But I didn’t give up.

I was born in San Diego, California where the sun shines all year around, and the beach is not so far away when you need to get away from it all. Apparently this wasn’t good enough for me. I ended up in Seattle, Washington somewhere with a crazy idea to go to Russia to meet the girl of my dreams. Yeah, I had already met her online and I was madly in love with her. At that time I have 30 websites up and running and was using Google Asense which is a free advertising platform you can use on your websites. If someone clicks on the ad, you gain some of the ad creators revenue. Sometimes it’s pennies and sometimes it’s more. I shouldn’t get ahead of myself here. I was also working on some project that had to do with Twitter. Twitter had just come out a few years before this and although it floundered like a fish on dry land for those first few years, it was starting to become popular. I had also learned a neat trick called affiliate marketing. I was not working for anyone else. I was working for myself online. I was making enough money that I was able to get my passport, get a Visa to Russia, and buy my tickets to go see this girl I was head over heels for. Did I do this? Yeah. I told myself every single night ‘You can do this, and you will do it’ and I did do this. Not only that, but while I was in Russia, there was some terrible fires one summer. The smoke in Moscow from the peat moss fires was bad enough that you couldn’t breath. So, I sold one of my websites, bought me and my girlfriend two round trip tickets to Spain. We stayed for 25 days. How many people do you know take a 25 day vacation? Those were the days and to be completely honest with you, one day I made $1500 cash in hand from affiliate marketing from one tiny free ad I wrote. The next day I had another $800, then the next day $400. Not too bad for some creative writing and selling the right product to the right crowd of people.

But things change, and the internet changes. Suddenly those sites where I was able to post free ads, saw the money they were losing. Instead they pulled all commenting and posting of links. Now these sites post their own ads and the little guy like me, ends up being the loser. Suddenly my income dried up and I was not so cool anymore to my Russian girlfriend.

In 2011 I ended up going back to San Diego with 2 suitcases and my ‘not-so-bushy’ tail between my legs. The Russian girl waited until I got home to email me and tell me goodbye. So yeah, that was terrible, and I learned some terrible things about the real world, and to never trust someone if they say they love you. Game over.

So it’s been a few years and I still haven’t had a day job. I’ve been online making money. Not a lot of it, but I have been selling my services as a writer for SEO content, doing creative writing here and there, and trying to get myself back in the game. Currently I study search engine optimization and how it affects writing. I am learning about guest blogging, and anywhere else I can use my skills, and my talents as a writer in the real world. I’ve always been good at telling stories, and you’ve not even heard the best. My life has been one wild ride. I have been to Russia, Germany, Spain, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Moldova, and I now live in Kiev, Ukraine. I was here during the revolution, and I’ve been sitting here in Kiev knowing that a huge Russian army is sitting on the border just waiting. How is that for fun! How I got here, I’m still not sure. The funny thing is I am a Taurus and we really hate all that moving around and no real place to call home. I guess I was meant to travel, and travel good I have. I’m a freelancer at Elance. It’s not a glamorous job. It’s more like the McDonalds of freelancing where it’s up to the freelancer how much they want to humiliate themselves. Me, I’d prefer to stay on top of things. I don’t take jobs writing 500 words for $1 and not even $5. I’m better than that. I’m a real world writer, and I’ve got the vocabulary and the skilled to prove it. What will I do now? It’s hard to say where fate will take me. Perhaps I will be as good of a writer as Stephen King one day. Well, maybe not…that guy is creepy! But one thing is certain; I’m keeping my head up. My father, the retired US Marine said to me once ‘chin up and eyes forward’. Good words that I live by. Words that keep me sane, and keep my spirit lifted.

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It’s my very first post. I created this blog because this epidemic needs to be stopped. And while I might go on rambling, and stray off the point here and there, I am sure that I will nail this thing, and many other freelancer writers will agree. So what is my point? As you can see from my headline, which is SEO optimized in some part of cyberspace, I am here to make some sort of statement or complaint. And that simply is: Freelance writers are being taken advantage of and are offered terrible wages for the content they produce. And I am certain that most of the clients don’t even know that they are doing this. What are they doing you ask? How about offering $2 for a 500 word article or even worse, one lousy $1 most of the time.

I think that the majority of clients who are looking for quality content do not realize that their content is the MOST important thing when it comes to their website. I get the feeling reading some of these job postings on Elance, that they must think their website is golden just because it looks nice and has a nice logo. What they don’t seem to realize is that their website content is going to either make or break them. Quality content is researched content. It is also content that is written with Search Engine Optimization in mind. I was taught how to write this content by experienced writers who knew exactly how headlines should be written, what words had to go into H tags (HTML tags), and how many keywords should be used per 500 words or ‘keyword density.

Back to my clients; They just do not understand this. And asking someone to write 15 pages of 500 words for $15 is ludicrous. Clients: You are asking for someone with no experience that has no idea what they are doing. They either live in India or the Philippines and have no idea what they are doing…please no offense to these people. I am sure some of them work very hard, but in truth they are a big part of the problem. They accept these wages and bring down the whole idea of VALUE and QUALITY, and throw it in the trash can. You can get someone to write 500 words of content for your website for $1. But be prepared to have someone else write this over again when their copy doesn’t get you ranked in the search engines. Be prepared to have a professional create the tone you were looking for that accurately describes your business or services, and be prepared to have someone rewrite your content that has proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure that doesn’t make the reader fall asleep.

A revolution has to happen my fellow writers. There are a few things you can do to help this and stop this problem. I know there are clients out there that DO realize the value of paying more for website content that is awesome. So what do we do?

  1. Stop taking jobs for so little money. Just stop this now. If you are starving, I understand, and maybe you should find at least some part time work elsewhere. When you take jobs for so little money you are doing injustice to yourself as a qualified writer, and you will be setting the bar low for everyone else around you. Would you sell one of your eyeballs for $5? No? Then why are you selling your hard earned and learned talent for so little? And another thing: Do not take jobs for little money to just get feedback. There are smart people online offering feedback and VERY little money if you will write quality content for them. That feedback for the $1 article you just wrote…just tells everyone else what kind of prices they can expect from you. Do you want to advertise your low wages?
  2. Raise your prices. Wait…? Did you just say ‘Raise your prices’? You bet your sweet hiney I did. When you show on your Elance, Guru, oDesk, or whatever online profile you have, that you have a cost of $35 an hour, you show yourself as being a professional who knows what they are doing. You show everyone your expertise and your true worth. You bring curiosity to clients who wonder why you charge so much money. Again…why do we charge so much? Because ‘content is king’ and it makes or breaks a website. Why someone would want to trust $1 content to $30 content is beyond me.
  3. Write the best quality content. If you have been writing for some time and you’ve done some good work, then show this off in your portfolio. If you’re going to ask for decent wages then you better have decent content to show for it.
  4. Never stop learning. If you are writing Search Engine Optimized content, then you need to always stay on top of the game. SEO changes constantly, and Google changes their algorithms as much as I change my underwear. Keyword usage and keyword density has changed a lot over the years.

This is just a few things that we as writers should start doing. I’m tired of seeing jobs posted for ‘slave wages’ and my last client wanted me to take .30 cents for 35 30-40 word descriptions. No. The job before this I was paid $300 cash in hand after Elance fee’s for 50 product descriptions. I’m not stupid, I am not desperate, and if I wanted to be humiliated, I’d definitely find a better way or at least $5 per humiliation.

I’d like to hear what you have to say, come on…I know I missed something, and if I did, let me know.