A New Year – Where I’ve Been – The Chaos at Elance

Posted: March 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

So yeah, I’ve been busy these past couple of months. It seems just like yesterday it was January. I’m sorry to my followers that I didn’t say Happy New Year. So there you go.

Holy crap, slow down time. Here it is already the 10th of March and a lot of things have gone down since I last wrote. Where do I even start. Well I think you might want to stick around and read this one.

Freelancing has been going pretty well with the exception of a few bad things that have happened. I’ve honestly looked at all the opportunities online and I can tell you that Elance has been the best option for finding decent work and getting decent jobs. If anyone knows me, I’m against the low slave wages that most clients offer for writing on Elance. Which brings me to an incident that happened in January. A client offered me an hourly wage of $480 a week to write articles. I didn’t have to produce an ungodly amount of words either. The client also told me that the work would be ongoing. Well this is great I thought. The client wanted 10,000 words per week. Hey that’s not really bad for the amount they were paying. So I took the job. This was my first mistake. The client had no intention of paying me, but instead took my work and vanished from Elance. Here is where things got tricky though. The client asked me to wait a week before I logged any time so that the ‘books’ wouldn’t be off. But the real reason was so that the client wouldn’t have to pay. I’m a nice guy and I’m easy to work with. So I agreed. Second mistake. However, I did use the Elance Tracker software and I was paid for a few hours of the 25+ hours I worked. Not all was a total loss. Now the reason I am telling you this is because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did. So here is my list of things to DO and NEVER do on Elance.

  • Never ever do work for free – Well this seems logical, but if a client is asking you to not log hours, you tell them that you aren’t working until you are able to log hours.
  • ALWAYS put your work into the workroom on Elance – You are doing this as proof of the work you have done. If they want their work emailed to them, fine, email them the work but also show Elance that you have delivered as well. Let your client know that they can get their work from either source.
  • Always use the Elance Tracker – I don’t like the Elance Tracker because it screenshots every 5 minutes or so and distracts me showing me notifications etc. But what this tool does it verifies and GUARANTEES your hourly jobs you do on Elance. You better do it. It is how I got paid for a client who skipped out. Be careful though. If you’ve not been paid after a week by the client, stop work until you have been paid. Elance only pays up to a certain amount to protect you. I was told $2500 for a week maximum. But after that its all on you.
  • To Skype or not to Skype – Some clients are always asking me to get on Skype and do everything from there. And while it is more convenient for the client, its a place that is OUT of the workroom on Elance. Anything goes in Skype including a client that threatened to leave me bad feedback if I didn’t complete her job for her. Yeah this was the same one that had no intention to pay. Use Elance workroom and keep all conversations and transactions and files in here. You need proof to show Elance in case something goes wrong. If your client insists on using Skype, then just make sure to keep the important stuff in the Elance workroom.

These are the things I find most important when dealing with clients because I have had a bad experience. I won’t let myself have anymore bad experiences because of this. Another thing I want to mention is that there are people out there that do not care about you at all. They want to get paid $1000’s of dollars and then pass the work off into someone else and pay $5 for an article. This is bullshit. Stay away from these kinds of people. I have seen many jobs online where a smart client is paying $25 per article. Just even today I submitted a proposal to a decent client that KNOWS that great content and great articles are going to have to be properly compensated. These kinds of clients draw people like me. Like minded, professional, and offers quality writing. Not some $5 gibberish from the Philippines. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve got nothing against India or the Philippines. But if you are willing to pay $5 then you are going to get a $5 article. And I’ve pressed clients to come read my blog. My readers know how I get when I get on this subject. It turns into a full-blown rant and I’ve got to find the shut-off valve before I explode. Nothing is more frustrating. So I’ve hammered that into your heads. If you’re a good writer, then charge good money for what you produce.

I’ve also decided that I need to spend a lot more time here writing some things. So, I’ve got some topics I’m going to touch on here soon. I’m thinking about doing a case study of all these different freelance companies like Elance and showing you the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

I’m also wanting to touch on different writing styles like sales copy, article writing, and technical writing so that I can help you find your niche. Some people love to write about electronic gadgets, and some like to write about losing weight. You might be like me and can write on any topic. But just as me, you will have one area of expertise that is going to make you the authority on what you write. This can make you a lot more money per article than you know. Some clients are looking for experts in a certain field and if you can show them that you are the expert, you can make decent money.

So I think that is all for now. I got through this one with little profanity and my blood-pressure is still normal 🙂

Until next time girls and boys, I wish you much success this year!


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